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Chronic pain

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Chronic pain can induce patients to refuse active treatment programs and when the pain is more severe may lead to suicide. On this basis we found that chronic pain can present a number of symptoms that vary from person to person depending on the personality of these, as well as the characteristics of the pain involved.

Chronic pain is interpreted by patients as a normal phenomenon, because the distress and discomfort caused gradually become a common feeling not nice, but it becomes tolerable. So that the patient can live with the pain and this allows it to survive it.

In general we can say that the pain is recognized in the patient through muscle disorders such as facial expressions, cries and the patient’s attitudes, their manifestations can be secretory and circulatory, tears, sweat, pallor, flushing, palpitations, as well as nervous type, represented by tremor, fever and convulsions. Chronic pain can also cause psychiatric disorders where the patient has depression, anxiety, fatigue, weakness and insomnia.

Diagnosis of chronic pain

The diagnosis of chronic pain as stated earlier is mainly given by the evolution time, which can vary from 3 to six months depending on the author. But as a feature we can say that the pain persists even after the problem has resolved itself trigger.

Treatments and recommendations for chronic pain

Chronic pain is a public health problem, so that already exist in many places of pain clinics and medical specialists in addressing this disease, ever growing.

The treatment of chronic pain should be under a comprehensive approach that includes medication, therapy, relaxation techniques, chiropractic, motivation to behavior change, exercise, massage and hypnosis or in some cases electrical stimulation and when they become too severe to placement of patients to administer medication most powerful type of narcotic analgesics. Chronic Pain management should be multidisciplinary and is mandatory psychological management of the patient and sometimes even psychiatrists.