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We know by the name of that disease neuralgia caused to a nerve. Usually, patients suffering from this disease suffer from punctures and pain along the entire trajectory of the affected nerve. The pain caused by neuralgia may involve various intensities, from mild tingling to severe pain, recurrent or constant.


The origin or root cause of such pain is often the nerve is ill, injured or compressed, whether as a result of a fracture or trauma or because of displacement of a disc. Although it is sometimes impossible to find the cause of such pain.

We say that a nerve is sick when it is damaged as a result of vitamin deficiency such as B12 or thiamine. These deficiencies are not very common except among the followers of the vegetarian diet, who must be careful to take plenty of foods rich in B vitamins, such as bread and brown rice, nuts, legumes and leafy greens. With respect to thiamine deficiency is almost negligible in our Western world, except the group of alcoholics.

Other possible precipitating causes of neuralgia may be viral infections or after having had shingles, herpetic neuralgia, the latter perhaps the most common form of neuralgia due to nerve disease as the herpes virus is installed on a nerve causing the inflammation, swelling, which in turn will make the rash of blisters on the skin along the entire trajectory of the nerve in question.

Common Neuralgia

Depending on the nerve that is affected by neuralgia, talk of a condition in concrete or another. The most common are:

Trigeminal neuralgia: by inflammation of the trigeminal nerve, which produces intense pain and spasmodic daily by the same hours (currently unexplained phenomenon) on the cheek and jaw, but one side of the face? This type of neuralgia may be triggered by having been long exposed to cold air.

Sciatica or sciatic nerve inflammation, which is on the back of the leg, and that source, is usually trauma.