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Symptom checker

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Symptom checker helps you know why the mouth hurt you

You have an ache tooth and instead of calling your confidence dentist, you are looking on the internet.

Are you afraid, you prefer a homemade solution; you prefer to be given “something” in the pharmacy to see if this eases the pain?

You took an aspirin or ibuprofen but the pain returns. Your mother or your grandmother told you that you rinse with gin, brandy or whiskey, I calmed down, but not leaving. You are desperate because they do not want to go to the dentist, but it seems it will not have any choice:

You will have to go to the dentist, but there is another way, symptom checker online help you find way to ease the pain.

Common causes of frequently pain in the mouth

Dentin sensitivity is the pain sharp, throbbing, like an electric current, which lasts 2, 3 or 4 seconds and will not return. It is triggered by food or cold drinks. By drinking or rinsing the mouth. By eating a slice of tomato and vinegar, a piece of cheese fresh from the fridge, ice cream, yogurt etc. So can food and especially sticky sweets (chocolates, candies, cookies). Sometimes it hurts just to breathe cold air through the mouth, especially in winter.

In these cases, it could be a warning that decay is the nerve of the tooth affected is about to succumb. You will have to go to the dentist suggest symptom checker online

But if in addition to the symptoms mentioned above, also hurts when brushing the neck of the tooth, or pain when touching the neck of the piece with the nail, and there is no decay, then it must be a dentine sensitivity explain symptom checker online.

THE dentine sensitivity is pain that lasts only 2 to 4 seconds, then disappears or decrease rapidly and completely gone.

If the pain lasts between 3rd seconds to a minute, is not sensitivity, but congestion PULP (pulp hyperemia). The nerve is affected but there may be a solution without having to reach an ENDODONTICS.

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